Music for the Fall Semester Final Exam

Rennaisance and Baroque Periods



1. Scarmelle Falla Galle by Compère- Medieval Lute

2.Recerca da settima sobre la Romanesca by Diego Ortiz- Vihuela

3. Mille Regretz by Josquin des Pres-Vocal Ensemble

4. Folias by Gaspar Sanz- Baroque Guitar

5. Zarambeques by Santiago de Murcia- Baroque Guitar

6. Sinfonia a Due by Francisco Corbetta-Baroque Guitars

7.Aria Di Firenze by Giovanni Paolo Foscarini- Kapsberger Ensemble

8. Fancy by John Dowland- Lute/Odette

9. Fandango by Santiago de Murcia- String Ensemble

10. Prelude from Suite in Gm by Robert de Viseé- Theorbos

11. Air de Cour - Annonymous

12. Fantasie pour luth by Denis Gautier- Lute

13. Tombeau de Madame Pavane by Charles Mouton- Lute

14. Prelude BWV 998 by J. S. Bach- Guitar/Russell

15. Prelude from Partita BWV 825 for Harpsichord by J. S. Bach-Guitar/Pérez

16. Fantasia in C major by David Kellner- Guitar/Lindberg

17. Prelude from Suite in D minor by Robert de Visee-Guitar/Bream

18.Passacaille by Silvius Leopold Weiss- Guitar/Bream